First pc build, need advice.

I made a build on, for my new gaming pc. My question is will it all be compatible and is there something i should change thats better and/or cheaper. Thanks, heres the link
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  1. Looks like a good build, the only things I was looking at

    - Why do you need two Sound Cards? Do you plan using one for Music/Gaming and the other for Skype?

    - You can't just buy a SSD, Make sure to throw in a normal hardrive!!

    - Might want to get a a better case, but it looks fine

    - You don't really need 16GB of RAM for Gaming, but it's a good future proof option

    - You don't need an i7 but it's a good option!

    Overall Score of you're computer / 8.5/10 (PSU Upgrade and a better Case would bump it up to 9.5 for gaming!)

    (This is my opinion)

    Overall I think you made a good future proof computer, only thing maybe I would do is get a 1000w 80+ for later and greater upgrades that will come, say you want to get another 660 3GB and put them in SLI for good gaming!
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