new mobo and ram problem, pls help.

my new mobo is running fine off 1gb of 533mhz ddr2 but it wont run off of
1 2gb ddr2 667mhz my new ram, the mother board supports this and supports up to 4gb of ram witch is what i want to put in but it shows no display when i put the ddr2 667mhz in? is it becouse of this?

Please check the table below for the CPU FSB frequency and its corresponding
memory support frequency.
CPU FSB Frequency Memory Support Frequency
1333 DDRII533*, DDRII667
1066 DDRII533, DDRII667
800 DDRII400, DDRII533, DDRII667
533 DDRII400, DDRII533
* When you use a FSB1333-CPU on this motherboard, it will run at
DDRII500 if you adopt a DDRII533 memory module.

and what does this mean? do i need to change something in bios for the new ram to be noticed?
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  1. Yes, it has to do with that table :)

    Currently your CPU FSB is running at 533MHz, which only supports DDR2 400MHz and DDR2 533MHz RAM.

    To use the 667MHz sticks, you will need to bump the FSB up to 800MHz or higher.

    Put the old stick in, and access the BIOS

    Somewhere in the advanced settings change the FSB to a higher value (start with 800 for now)

    Exit the BIOS saving changes

    Shutdown the computer, and swap to the new stick. You should be good to go.
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