Would you kindly help me in buying a new gfx card?

Hey my system is as:
i5 2500k (not overclocked yet)
8gb 1333 ram
a crap ton of HDD space
Windows 7 professional
GTX 570 1.2gb from EVGA
with a corsair HX 750 watt silver rating PSU
and the problem, Asus VG278 144Hz gaming monitor

So, in your not so humble opinions, what new card(s) should I get in order to maximize my frame rate to its maximum? My initial thought was just to buy a 680, then research showed that a 670 is just as good but with a slight decrease in performance versus the 680. And now it seems that getting a 660ti in a sli mode would be just as beneficial as sli'd 670's but not dual 680's. Also, blah blah, 690 and Titan config and whatnot.

To say the least, I've grown weary of reading endless amounts of professional reviews on all of these cards and their optimal test set-ups. What I want now is real life accounts and opinions regarding these cards. A nudge in the right direction is what I'm basically looking for. Even though I havent mentioned it until now, AMD isn't out of the question.

Any and all suggestions are welcome and I appreciate your time in reading and responding to me. Thank you all in advance.
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  1. You already have a high-end GTX 5xx series card. In my opinion you have two options:

    1) Sell your GTX 570 and put that money towards an GTX 770 (when released). IMO, anything less is a waste of money.
    2) Keep the GTX 570 as a spare For when the high-end GTX 8xx series cards are out and go with a GTX 870/880.

    -Wolf sends
  2. I guess if it came down to it i could wait another year. Thanks
  3. 7970 or wait
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