advise me best cpu for LGA 775 socket

i'm going to upgrade cpu and hdd for my old computer desktop. my specs are :

MOBO = asus p5gc-mx, fsb 1333, socket LGA 775
CHIPSET = intel. north: 945GC ; south: ich7
see manual for detail
RAM = 2 x 1 GB DDR2 5400
PSU = 480 W

another spec that maybe useful for you:
VGA = nvidia 210, 1 GB, 128 bit

my questions are :
1. could i use 64 bit of cpu ?
2. could i use AMD cpu ?
3. main question : what is the best cpu outhere that compatible with my old computer ?
4. i wanna add new HDD. my choise is 10.000 rpm 32 MB SATA of western digital. can my computer support it? or should i upgrade more power supply for this ?

thanx for your answer forth. i'm new member here btw :)
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  1. If you are going to spend money, it may be best to just put a new system together. LGA775 CPU's are becming hard to find and thus are expensive.

    What is your budget and what do you plan to use the system for?
  2. maze seven,

    Probably, the best CPU compatible [1333 FSB, Socket 775] with your computer will be the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 3.0GHz. With that speed, 4-cores and 12MB cache. it should be very good. On the Passmark list, benchmarks show the performance as ranked #248. There is "Extreme" series, the Core 2 Quad X9770 @3.2GHz, ranked at #217.

    Herr_Koos is correct in mentioning that the best performing CPU of any series becomes expensive used, and that is because, when upgrading, most people- as do you- will want the fastest CPU they can use and these are obsolete. A quick check on eBay (3.19.13) showed that a typical Core 2 Quad Q9650 CPU sells for about $150-175. >

    I was unable to find listings or completed sales of any of the Core 2 Quad Extreme CPU's, but these would be even more costly.

    It would be better value to simply buy a computer using that CPU. On eBay (3.19.13) I saw a number of Dell Optiplex 760's with the Q9650 that sold for between $200 and $275, most with 4 GB RAM- some with 16GB and typically, a 320GB HD. SEE>

    The Optiplex is a good line ( My number 3 computer is an Optiplex 740) and note the Optiplex 760 in the list above that sold for $530. Besides having more RAM and HD space, these also had in general better graphics cards than your 210. Together this means that if you can sell your current computer for $75-100 or more, you will have much better value with a $250 Optiplex than buying the CPU ($150-175),+ 2GB more RAM ($40) + bigger HD or SSD ($70-$120), + better graphics card ($50-100) = $310-435. Plus, there is less work and time shopping for several separate parts and installing.

    On the subject of hard drives, I don't think a 10,000 rpm drive would be of great value to your computer nor the Optiplex mentioned (the cheapest on Newegg is a WD 250GB for $110). It would be a better investment- and performance- to have a 120GB SSD for the OS /Programs and a conventional, mechanical SATA for your existing drive for files.


  3. very good are the e-series like e7200!
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