windows error or virus

i've posted this problem across a few forums and had no luck,

i found it after a windows update had occured i turned my computer off and back on to find when loading after putting in the password its stupidly slow the home screen loads but i cannot click anything without whatever i click 'not responding' after about 5 minutes i get a message saying windows explorer has stopped responding.

i have tried -
factory reset ( using f8 + power 'o' ) neither work

system repair loads halfway and gives me an error message

the messege i get given when attempting to load repair is:
status: 0xc00000e9
info: an unexpected i/o error has occured

however when i load in to safe mode everything works fine, however i cannot click or access windows updater.

some more information i have found on the issue -

had a look through my recently installed items through windows installer when attempting to remove one i get a message saying this -

' the windows installer service could not be accessed. this can occur if the windows installer is not correctly installed '

when i load normal windows and it finally comes on in the bottom right hand corner it now says..
windows 7
build 7500
this copy of windows is not genuine ( it is genuine i havn't played with it since buying my laptop brand new, which is why i think it may be a virus)

after attempting to restore i get this message when booting in safe mode
system restore failed to extract the file:
(c:\windows\system32\catroot2\{f750e6c3-38ee-11d1-85e5-00c04fc295ee}catc.. then runs off screen)

any help will be so greatly appreciated, thanks
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  1. do you have the windows 7 install disk? if not, you can legaly get the iso from here just burn it onto a disk, and reinstall it on your computer. make sure you clear the hdd wile installing 7 on your virus inflicted pc. email me at if you need help installing! also, if it is a laptop, you have the key on the bottom on a sticker on your pc. type that in and you will have to call microsoft and enter a really a long code, but it is easy, so dont worry.
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