is it possible? 2 different RAM on motherboard

Hello guys! i need your advise and suggestions, is it possible to put 2 different brand and model of RAM in motherboard? does it affect the performance or whatsoever compatibility?

for example Corsair 4gb ram and Ripjaws 4gb ram.. pls help me find out if it is possible and compatible thanks!
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  1. If you mix the RAM, you can mix the different brands memory but you are better get two have same size and speed/timing. If you get two different speed/timing memories and they are possible to not be compatible with each other. If you get two different size them they are in the single channel mode.

    For example Corsair 4gb 1333MHz cl9 is compatible with Ripjaws 4gb 1333MHz cl9.
  2. GOOD DAY! just want to know how to OC an cpu core i5 3330 3.0 to 3.2ghz.. can anyone help me how to do the procedure in BIOS step-by-step.. any help will be appriciated! thanks man!
  3. my mobo is asus p8z77-pro m..
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