How to connect dvi-d/hdmi/display port gpu to VGA monitor


I recently bought a new GPU a sapphire 7850 2gb oc http://

One of the dvi ports is analogue capable which works great but i can't use my second monitor currently.

I have looked at a few convertors but not sure which would be the best.

I need to either convert hdmi, dvi-d or display port to vga.

Any advice on which is best?
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  1. The easiest way is a DVI to VGA converter (dongle). You might want to check the box your graphics card came in, they often give you one with your card.
  2. Ahh my mistake i forgot to mention I use a dual monitor setup, I have one monitor connected but not my second.

    edit: I did mention in the op I have two monitors. My second monitor currently can't be connected as it is vga only and I only have a Hdmi slot, Display port slot and dvi-d slot left on my GPU.
  3. As long as you have a DVI slot available the adapter will work. As an alternative, the monitor you have now you could switch and use and HDMI to DVI cable for it, if you needed the DVI port the current monitor is on, but I dont see how this will make a difference, you should be able to convert the other DVI port using an adapter just fine.
  4. I just had to do the same thing with a second VGA monitor and a Sapphire 7770. Cheapest solution I could find (that would fit on the card with two adapters plugged in) was a passive DisplayPort to VGA adapter for US $8.24 new on EBay (PC Display Port Male DP To DVI Displayport Adapter). Works great. If you need mini-displayport, I believe they have those, too.

    As to which is best, I don't think it matters to an analogue monitor. However, if you ever want to add a third analogue monitor, I believe I read that one of the adapters has to be an active one.
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