Windows XP Won't activate after repair.

My grandpa brought me his windows xp machine last night saying he did a repair cause his machine wouldnt boot - but now wont activate or bypass the activation screen.

So this is whats happening. It WILL boot into WIN XP normally - It brings up a screen that says you need to activate windows xp I can click yes or no. clicking yes puts it in an endless load where it only displays desktop bg and will never do anything ( left it for 1 hour - was hoping the service that was hanging would restart or just close )
Clicking no will log out and bring back the screen lol.... (this is super sad really - Microsoft you suck )

I have also tried booting safe mode (it freezes on "\Windows\system32\drivers\fltsrv.sys")

even the mode with removed domain controllers it will not load.

I am stuck now - I know if I can get into safemode it will work.

Is the file "\Windows\system32\drivers\fltsrv.sys" curropt - but even if it was it should be fixed by the repair which said it completed and it did replace some files so.

Can anyone help? I have no clue what to do - without reinstalling windows - but I dont want to do that as he needs his files to be backed up.

UNLESS I can just install another copy of XP onto the same HDD and boot into that?!? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. You can partition the drive with Gparted. Then put all of the important files on that partition. Then simply reinstall windows on the other partition.
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