Intel CPU Damaged? Please help

Hello tom's hardware community, i'v recently came across multiple problems with my computer and it the end of it all the problem was my CPU, so now i'm going to use the warranty intel ships the chip with so i can get a replacement, but the problem is i feel like some small scratches on the left and right side would void the warranty. The scratches aren't big but they're not un-noticeable. They're located on the side's where the motherboard must press down on (hence why it's not that unreasonable) But i'm scared intel my void my warranty for it. Any clue if they would or would not? Everything else on the CPU is fine, it's just the area where the motherboard must be pressed down on where i have a problem.
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  1. I wouldnt be to concerned about scratches that were made from the mounting of the processor. The big concerns are voltage from overclocking or memory that isnt supported. The easiest answer is to simply give our technical support a call at (916) 377-7000 and they should be able to help you get it taken care of.
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