What is the benefit of playing game at 1920X1080?

Guys i ask this just out of curiosity what is the pros and cons of more than one monitors.Does they have any uses than gaming?thanks
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  1. Depends on what you do.
    You can use them for anything.

    I use one monitor to watch temps, gpu clock speeds, time, etc. while I game on the main monitor. Sometimes have a walkthrough or something posted on the third monitor.

    If you have three and a good gpu, you can also do Eye of Infinity/Nvidia Surround and play on all three.
  2. I have three monitors, unfortunately one of them isn't 1080p so cant run Eyefinity. And I suspect my GPU would die if I even tried :lol:.

    On the right hand monitor I have some general system meters. RAM, CPU and GPU usage with some temp monitors for the CPU cores and GPU (Rainmeter, awesome thing :)). Left hand has more of a general usage, date, time calendar type stuff.
    Occasionally when gaming il have a walkthrough or something on a different monitor.

    But the main advantage of multiple monitors is just more screen space. Rather than trying to cram two webpages and a word document onto the one screen, only so many pixels each. Spreading the windows across the monitors just makes it so much easier to do productivity tasks. Video editing I have also found it to be useful, spreading the resources panel and preview window to the left and right monitors to give greater room to the timeline and effects panel, just makes it so much easier to work with.

    EDIT: perhaps I should mention that while writing this, I have been watching a Youtube documentary on the left monitor. Cant do that with a single monitor, trying to fit a movie and a web browser on the same screen just results in a horrible experience.
  3. I've found that many hardware monitoring software works great on my Logitech G13 LCD screen. Rather than using a 2nd monitor, I just use that now.
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