HGST Deskstar 3.5-Inch 4TB vs WD Black 4 TB Desktop Hard Drive

Trying to decide between the HGST Deskstar and the WD CB 4 TB drives. This will replace a 2 TB WD CB (WD2001FASS).

The 2 TB is installed in a Dell XPS 9100 and is used to store media (movies, videos, etc). The 2 TB has always run kind of hot and now it has failed a couple of diagnostic tests. It is under warranty and I'll get a refurb replacement (and all data is backed up redundantly). I'm thinking I'll take this opportunity to upgrade the size; I'll put the 2 TB replacement in an extra external case I have and use that as add'l backup storage.

The HGST is highly regarded, but I'm not sure whether it has the 5-year warranty (info on Amazon is not clear). I also believe it's got a 32 MB cache as opposed to 64 MB.

I've had many WD CBs and I'm more comfortable with those, but I wonder...

If anyone has any experience with HGST I'd appreciate hearing about it. The HGST is about $55 less than the WD CB.


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  1. ive never heard of a hgst deskstar but i would go with the WD 4tb because how good quality there HDDS are built
  2. Thanks.

    HGST is Hitachi, who are now owned by WD.

  3. After a bit of research, I came up with this... I also found that there are two different HGST 4TB drives and be sure not to confuse them!

    Hitachi UltraStar 7K4000 4TB = £300 approx (is better than the WDCB but 2 years less warranty)

    Hitachi DeskStar H3IK40003272SE 4TB = £160 approx (is worse than the WDCB and 3 years less warranty)

    Western Digital Caviar Black WD4001FAEX 4TB = £210 approx (5 years warranty)
  4. Personally, I'd go with the WDCB as the 5 year warranty is nice to have on 4TB drives as they're not as reliable as lower capacity drives. And for £50 more you get 3 years more warranty and slightly higher performance.
  5. You raise very valid points. I use WD BCs almost exclusively in my two desktops. However, at the time I got a great price on HGST Deskstar and went with that. Have been running it since March with no issues.

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