installed video card and can't get into windows without

me taking out a ram stick what does this mean why won't it let me use all 4 slots of memory? It's a pny nvidia gt 220 with 1 gb ram I have windows xp 32 home dell inspiron 530 regular not slim or anything 1.8 ghz.
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  1. Sounds more like a bad stick of RAM than the GPU. Does the computer work with all the DIMMS installed and another/no GPU and just the motherboard VGA out?

    Did you completely uninstall all the old drivers before installing the new Nvidia ones?
  2. yes uninstalled or disabled the on board intel graphics(G33M02 motherboard) before installing the video card. All ram worked before installing card so it's not a bad stick of ram I can sitch which stick I have out also and which slot I don't use.
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