Games run at 720p on a full HD monitor will run with a black box?

I'm thinking of buying a Dell S2240L monitor, which is full HD. If I run games at half HD resolution, will they run fullscreen or within a black box?
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  1. We need more information than that. What you will be running those games on? Console or PC? If console just run at 1080p no problem.
    If PC what graphics card you have? And what games you will be running. And What is Black Box? capture screen device?
  2. The monitor will be connected to a computer, running an HD 7850. Right now, I have a Toshiba laptop, and its highest resolution is 1366 X 768. When I run a game at a lower resolution, it doesn't run fullscreen but in a smaller box, with black edges all around. I think this has to do with the native resolution thing.

    Will run games like Crysis 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  3. The PC will definately run the game full screen 1080p. But the laptop would not because its going to be too weak to support higher resolution than 720p. Maybe if you plug the laptop to the screen you will get the full resolution but when you open up a game you will get black edges around and resolution will be merged down to support the game graphically.

    What is your cpu in your laptop? or do you have a graphics card in your laptop? .
  4. If you will force upscaling there will be no black borders on the sides.
  5. Generally speaking, 720p resolution should automatically upscale to fill a 1080p screen. If for whatever reason it does not, then you can force it in the graphic card driver.
  6. The laptop is an i3 2350M CPU at 2.30 Ghz, with 4 GB DDR3 RAM, and Intel HD Graphics 3000. There is no discrete graphics card in teh laptop. It can't run Aliens vs Predator of 2010 properly, so I'm thinking of buying a new computer.
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