Installing new 120mm fans

This is my first time making a mofification to a system, I am adding two red led 120mm fans in my case. Aside from screwing them in and plugging them into the motherboard, do I need to do any additional things? Download and drivers or anything for the new fans to be used? They are the red led 120mm cooler master silent flow fans.

Sorry for the noob question, but I figured safer to ask then to just assume lol.
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  1. better luck on yahoo answers? lol
  2. There is nothing to answer here.
    screwing them in and plugging them into the motherboard

    That's all you gotta do.
    One optional thing you could do is, take some pics and show off ;)
  3. Awesome! Thank you very much! I just wanted to be sure lol. Would this also apply to any add on neon lighting?
  4. Yes
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