Will this wireless router/switch set up work?

Currently I have a wired router behind my modem with a wireless router piggy backing off of it (due to the number of devices in my home that require ethernet). I would like to replace both routers, but instead of piggybacking routers, I think it would be much easier/cheaper to buy a switch. I've never used a switch before, so I wanted to post a thread here to make sure I will be going about this properly before I buy the hardware below. What I'm wondering is...

If I buy this router:

and this switch:

Will they work together? My plan is to hook up the linksys router directly to my modem, then put the switch behind the router. Like this:

Modem -> WAN Port on Linksys

Linksys port 1 -> Port 1 on switch

Last stupid question, will DHCP work through the switch as well as the three extra ports on the router?
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  1. Yes it all works like you say. All the lan ports are on the same network and appear to be one large switch.

    I would look for a better router. You can get much better units than that for the money you want to spend. That is a old model that does not support 802.11n
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