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Recently, I have been experiencing some crashing only when I am playing video games. I thought it was a driver issue, but I did a clean install of everything. This computer has been working flawlessly over a year and I am wondering if it's a PSU problem. Other possible reasons I am thinking of is Memory or Video card. I pray it isn' the Mobo.

The problem:
When I play any game,
The game will just freeze up and rarely I am able to control alt delete and terminate the program and restart, but soon after it will BSOD and shut down.
Sometimes when it freezes, I am unable to do anything, but if I am on a Skype call I can still speak to them before I have to press the Reset button on the PC.

Do you guys think this is a PSU? I had similar issues before except I got no BSOD, but just freezing during games on my old pc and later I found out it was a faulty PSU (Since I gave the PSU away and they had the same issue of freezing in game)

Here is the specs to my PC:
Core i7 Extreme
Corsair 900 Watt
16 GB of DDR3 Corsair
LSI Raid Card (9266 4i)
2 X 150 GB Raptors
4 X 120 GB (Intel 520 SSD in Raid 10)

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  1. I had a very similar issue a while back but I had a cheap PSU, I left it and it got to the point where the PSU died altogether, that's when I realised what it was :')
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