CPU running faster than normal?

I have a i7 3820 and its stock speed is 3.6Ghz
Normally with Turbo Boost on it runs around 4.5Ghz but i normally have it turned off so it runs around 3.6 - 3.7Ghz. But after updating my BIOS and still having turbo boost off my cpu is running at 4.5Ghz.
Is this normal? and is it safe? and how do i change it back to running at its stock speed of 3.6 - 3.7Ghz? I dont want to lose life on my cpu.
While playing games my core temps max from what i can see is around 57c, and main cpu temp around 45c max.
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  1. new bios updates resets the bios and prob turned turbo boost on again, or else if it was oc to 4.5, itd be producing more heat
  2. I went into bios and turned off the turbo boost and its still running at 4.5ghz haha
  3. How do i turn it back down to 3.6 ghz?
  4. manually set the settings for 3.6ghz
  5. okay i went into bios early and couldnt find how to do ill double check now.

    also CUP-Z is saying its voltage is at 1.384v and intels site says its voltage range is 0.600V – 1.350V.

    Why is slighty higher and is it safe?
  6. i think i have sorted it. Thanks for your time.
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