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I'm at a crossroad... I've been away from PC gaming since around the turn of the millennium. I am building a new rig and trying to find modern games similar to what I enjoyed way back when. I've kept up on a few games on console, but mostly .Mil FPS. And mostly for the multiplayer aspects(my biggest reason to play games)

I still see myself sticking to things like BF3 and MoH Warfighter, although Arma is going to on the new list from what I can gather.

I've given Skyrim and Far Cry 3 a shot. And while I liked the freedom and gameplay of both. I was left a little "got anything else" after Far Cry and wishing for a MMORPG out of Skyrim. Although I am not sold on WoW cartoon-y looks either; yet it could be my best option. Then again, my last real impression of an online RPG was playing MUDs(severely dating myself here).

I also recall having a decent time with B17 Flying Fortess. Mostly for a change of pace. I am by no means a huge fan of flight sims. But had a good time swapping planes and bomber positions. Is there any modern equivalent to this game?

So, what say you? I hope I am making the right choice joining the PC side again:??:
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  1. Trust me, If anyone had a choice to either game with a Pc or console with the rest of their life, I PRAY the choose PC. I'll be honest, I love consoles. Growing up we had a pretty killer PC, but I still stuck to the consoles. Sure there were some amazing games, but when it came down to console exclusives are hard to come buy. But that's the problem. What are games made on? Computers. It would be crazy for some developers to not put a pc version of there game for sale (unless it's something like metal gear rising); and the when you think about it, there's really one "exclusive" developer, which is the studio the company that made the console owns (i.e. Nintendo game studios, sony studios, etc.). With a PC not only do you get more versatility with your games, but also better performance, better graphics, a huge modding community, and you'll save big bucks off of steam. If you're making a good rig that is a great choice. You liked battlefield three on a console? Well now enjoy it with three monitors, much better graphics, and twice the frame rate on a pc :D. and if you like multiplayer aspects, the PC community is one of the most competitive out there. Even a game like Call of Duty, where there is no skill involved and only 12 year old boys play it, is more respected and more thriving on the pc than consoles. you made a good choice my friend, You'll be having some great experiences with some great games! and hey, it's not like there's a navy squad outside your house who's gonna shoot you down if you go back to consoles :).
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