a960m-m3 is compatible with Ati Radeon HD7770??..

Greetings..i need to know if this motherboard is compatible with Video Card Ati Radeon HD7770 DDR5, 1GB or 2GB, i want to buy one, but in the website of ECS dont appear information about this video card. If someone have this configuration and work, please let me now. Thanks!
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  1. The motherboard stated should support any PCI-E video card given you can provide the necessary power. There won't be a specific compatibility list for it but in general if you have a PCI-E slot on a modern PC it should support all PCI-E GPUs.
  2. I have the same motherboard and the 7750 doesn't work on it. Have placed the card in several computers and it works fine, just not in my box
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