First Build Parts list, critiques welcome

First off, I want to let you all know that i am a complete noob when it comes to computers. I've wanted to build a PC for a while, so i put together a parts list. One of my friends helped me put it together, but i am willing to make any changes that are necessary.

Here's the list:

I dont want to spend more than $1000, and if any money can be spared, it would be much appreciated. I also don't plan on building this until midsummer/fall, so it isnt urgent.
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  1. monitor

    the rest

    its over a 1000 dollars, but performs waay better than what you have put together. you will need the larger SSD if you want to put some real apps on a SSD. if you dont want to spend that much, you can get this and setup Intel SRT to use the SSD as a cache

    if you need a dvd drive, here

    wifi. really dont recommend wifi
  2. thanks for the help! i really appreciate it. However, won't this overheat? would a full tower suit it better? or will the stock fan do?

    also, how do you set up the ssd as a cache?
  3. no it wont overheat. i can cram it into a even smaller itx case (assuming i use a itx board) and it would run fine. there is no reason to get a full tower unless you are watercooling

    instruction manual should have details
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