Only 1-2mbps with wireless connection on desktop?

Previously my wireless network set up was the modem comcast gave me that was connected to one of the older Netgear Wireless N router that i got back in 2009. The wireless speeds were complete crap which had devices (1 macbook from 2009, 1 new retina display mac, and 1 desktop) with speeds around 1mbps according to The speeds were alot faster when you connected an ethernet cable though. Then since earlier this month my modem would reset itself almost every 10min.

Well today I returned my comcast modem to a comcast store and requested for one of those wireless gateway modem. They gave me the arris tg862 and also upgraded my internet speed for only $10 more after 6 months.

Im alot happier with the new wireless modem because not only does my area look cleaner, its also ALOT faster with speedtest download speeds of 40mbps on the macbooks. But for some reason when i run the speedtest test on my custom built desktop I made back in 2007-08, has download speeds of 1.5-2mbps is significantly alot slower then my 2 macs. Previously I had assumed the slow speed was caused by the crap router but now thats no longer the case. Weird thing is that I have the same upload speeds of 5mbps.

Im assuming it has to be either 3 things thats causing this.

1. The network adapter: I bought a NETGEAR WN311B PCI adapter couple of years ago to make my desktop wireless. Netgear unfortunetly stopped producing updated drivers to for the pci adapter around the time Windows 7 was still new. Fortunately there were drivers from Broadcom that were compatable with my device and windows 7 updated back in 2011 I think.

2. Windows 8: I did a clean install to windows 8 when it came out and it was cool to find out the windows 8 automatically installed the same driver to my adapter from above. I did some research and some people were having network speed issues when upgrading to windows 8. I did a few fixes that worked on some people but non of them worked for me.

3. My motherboard: I have a Asus M2A-MVP mobo. Asus stopped producing bios updates a long time ago so something makes me believe that the PCI slot just isnt fast enough?

Anyways im not really sure what to do to fix this issue. I plan on building a newer rig but anytime soon so id like to figure this out first.
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  1. have you tried installing the Windows7 drivers using Windows7 compatibility mode?
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