OC Asus HD 7850 DCII V2

Im new to overclocking and I have a question about this card with MSI Afterburner.

For the core voltage, I set it at stock 1.135mv. However, when testing under load with kombustor, the monitor in afterburner shows the voltage going to 1.210mv and at idle: 0.825. Also shows the same values on GPU-Z

My question is, why does it not change according to my set value? Also are there any accurate voltage measuring tools?


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  1. It seems like the card is just fluctuating based on the current use. The fact that the voltage is going over your set voltage is rather interesting. You could try HWinfo64, it will give you good voltage readouts and also will give you min/max and average voltages. Once you download the program and boot it load sensors only, you'll see your gpu at the bottom of the list. Reset the values and run a game or a benchmark and see where your voltages stand.
  2. Thanks for your reply ! According to HwINFO under full load with kombustor it reads 1.210 V. Can anyone tell me why this value is differing from the one I set? Thanks.
  3. Most likely the card is simply compensating for the current usage. I have my voltage on my 7850 set to 1.210v which is the stock voltage and it fluctuates depending on its current use. I have a feeling your card is just upping the voltage to keep up with demand, nothing to worry about unless you are experiencing abnormally high temps (which you shouldnt be, 1,210v is usually stock for the 7850 line).
  4. Oh? i thought the stock voltage was around 1.138v, as reported by Trixx when I reverted to default. Also when I use GPU Tweak, its monitor is able to detect the set value, but hwmonitor still says 1.210v:

  5. For your card, maybe that is the stock voltage. I know a few other 7850's that are stock overclocked and are around 1.210v so that is probably why. If GPUTweak is picking up the change is could just be a sensor read error from HWMonitor. Although I wouldn't suspect that.

    It sin't unlikely the your mobo is just giving the card the voltage it wants for the given usage. Similar to when a cpu is under load and wants more voltage. Your temps are very low, and the voltage isnt spiking higher than 1.210v, I wouldn't worry about it.
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