Is this a sign of a dying video card or PSU?

Every time I start up my computer, Win7 starts up... and as it is loading.. the graphics are doing a float in than float out annoying stutter step... Let me explain:

get pass my l/p screen... I see my wallpaper appear.... and all the other generic win 7 buttons.... than BAM! black screen for a spit second.. than everything reappears again... continue loading the OS... then the entire OS is loaded with the AERO? ( see-through stylee on the task bar.. than the task bar changes to a solid color.. than it changes back again to its proper style.

After a few moments and the OS is completely stable.... out of the blue... all graphics flash to black screen for a split second than reappear. It never happens when I am in a game, but viewing a movie or starting up any application it usually happens.

I have become so paranoid thinking that i am sharing my desktop remotely or something.

I run "netstat commands" I have run TCPview to check for strange IP addresses or applications starting without my knowledge ( I am logged in on as admin member account).. I dont see anything strange.

The video card requires 500watts, I have a 700watt PSU.

Should I post a video? Might explain it better.
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  1. I wouldn't necessarily worry. Windows sometimes does strange things as it completes loading and initializes graphics drives.

    What kind of graphics do you have? nVidia/AMD/onboard/other?
  2. smeezekitty said:

    What kind of graphics do you have? nVidia/AMD/onboard/other?

    560 GX twinfrozer graphics card by MSI. ,3.3 CPU ( OVERCLOCKED from 2.9), 4 gigs ram.

    This issue happens at random some times as well. But never in a game or while watching a movie. Web browsing... YES.
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