overclock i7 3820 gigabyte gax79-up4

hi there everyone im just looking to overclock my new build:
gigabyte gax79-up4
2x corsair xms3 8gb sticks of ram
i7 3820 3.6ghz
h100 watercooling

Anyways im looking for a safe overclock for my new motherboard. i was using the easy tune feature of the board that said it would get me up to 4.43 ghz but when texting i was only getting up to 3.9. the turbo mode is enabled in bios and were clocked to 38 and bclk to 103mhz. i changed the turbo multiplier to 43 but i have not changed any of the voltage settings within bios. will this overclock still be ok?
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  1. well apparently not just blue screened after the post lol anybody have any ideas for a stable 4.4 overclock with turbo mode enabled? or anything around that area. when i had it at 4.4 it was only running temps of 60-65 degrees. a 4.5 or 4.6 with turbo mode enabled would be ok aswell.
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Overclocking Intel i7 Gigabyte