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I need to overclock my q8200 2.33ghz but i cant do it in bios because its locked. So i think about software overclocking. First i chose to start with clockgen but its not done to because when i open it i dont see the PLL setup sections so i quit it. I went to Setfsb, now dont know my PLL; so i need you to help me find my PLL. Ive made a validation about my computer with CPU-Z, see if you guys can help me find mine computer PLL. Thanks in advanced.
Also im having stock cooler and 1 cpu rear fan so ill just overclock it abit. Should i put the clocks up about 300mhz or 200mhz?.And when i check in CPU-Z, i saw my multiplier keep jumping from 6.0 to 7.0, why is that happening?
The validation is in html, ive compressed it
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  1. Software overclocking doesn't work very well :( and when it does its extremelely unstable. The only option you have for overclocking would be to flash your bios with an unlocked version or to replace your mobo
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