Mobo for i7 3770 "Non-K"

Hello ,

Need suggestions for a good motherboard for Core i7 3770 "non-K" within the budget of 150-200$

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  1. you dont need such a budget with less than 100$ you can get gigabyte H77!
  2. Can you suggest some H77 mobo's.
  3. as i said the gigabyte is a very good one!
    than its the asus P8H77-V
    or you can get the msi h77-g43!!
  4. One of the main differences between the H77 and the Z77 chipsets that the Z gives you the ability to overclock the unlocked "K" processors. Without the need for this feature and since you are not looking for SLI or Xfire you will do well with an H77 chipset based board.
  5. Is Asrock H77 Pro4/MVP mobo good or should i go with MSI-G43
  6. go w/c ever is cheaper. I have an Asrock and I haven't had any issues with it. the Asrock H77 is a good match for your i5 since you won't be doing any OC.
  7. i would go for the first one!
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