Restoring Factory Default Image from Sony Vaio Notebook

Hello all.

I'm just wondering what I can do with regards to restoring from a recovery partition. I formatted my Vaio notebook a while back, and it essentially became stock Windows 7 with no 'Sony' applications and such. However, my hard drive only has 452 GB space available - and after checking, when I reformatted again relatively recently, I discovered that Sony's recovery partition was still there, even though the ability to restore Sony's factory default settings were gone, as I had removed the Sony Vaio Control Center or something of that sort, as I had done a fresh install of Windows.

Some drivers from the support website just don't seem to be working, and I really wish I had the original drivers and everything installed.

I'm curious as to how I can restore the actual original image - even though in Windows Explorer, Sony's partition is seemingly hidden.

I unfortunately did not make any recovery discs, so I'm a bit tight with options.

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  1. You can check the Sony support site - and look for the user manual for the model you have. The manual should have instructions for doing a factory reset. A factory reset is not usually done through Windows but is usually done during the boot process (some key combinations tha take you to an option to restore to factory settings). If you can't find the manual post the model number for more help.
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