A question on memory (WD 1tb blue vs black)

I'm trying to decide on the memory for my first build and I'd like you help. I've figured that a Western Digital 1TB HDD working with a Samsung 840 SSD (120G) is the path for me, but should I opt for the Blue or Black HDD?

I'm trying to build a gaming machine, and I'm informed that a higher cache would be better. However, if I have the OS and most common apps on the SSD, does it make that much of a difference. I'm also told that the Blue is more energy efficient, and given that the parts I've purchased so far are guzzlers that sounds attractive. Also, I can't ignore it, where I live the Blue is the equivalent of about $30 dollars cheaper.

If it helps, the pieces I've purchases thus far are a i7 3770 cpu, an Asus P8Z77-V motherboard, and a Galaxy GTX670 gpu.

I also have a question about RAM. I live in Korea, so Samsung are the easiest available and cheapest RAM units to me. Would 8GB of Samsung DDR3 RAM be a reliable option for me?
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  1. Either blue or black HDD is fine, but black one can product more heat, and get the lower price blue HDD.

    The samsung RAM is good too, because they make a very good SSD.
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