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Hey guys, I'm looking for some suggestions for purchasing a new laptop. Mostly, I'm looking for something with a solid 1080p display at the 15.6" size (though 14" would be preferred.. I just haven't seen any options). Price range is ~$700-1000. Aiming to do some gaming, editing, etc. as well as something not too bulky to be portable as this will be the computer to take me through a good chunk of grad school. So far I've found the following models:

HP Envy 15 (from a couple years back)
HP Envy dv6-7214nr
Lenovo Y500 (apparently the 580 can be 1080p as well, but the website won't let me)
Asus N Series

Oh yeah, I refuse to go Sony or Dell. I'm basically tech support for my friends and family and I've seen way too many of those tank. I'm also willing to do refurb if a deal presents itself.

So if there's some good models I've missed, please tell me. If you can give me your experience with the above models, that would certainly be appreciated! Thanks.
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  1. The SONY VAIO S SERIES would be a great buy. Good luck to you.
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