amd phenom II X6 1075T first time OC

Lately I have tried to overclock my CPU and I have tried many things and the most stable mode is 240X14 FSB and disabled the turbo and the cool an quite mode plus the cpu-NB x9 as the HT too and the DRAM frequency 1:2:6:6 with 1333 MHz now but I have disabled the 2 weak cores and now the CPU is 4 cores 3.5 GHz each so is it better than the 6 cores 3.0 GHz normally ??
I have tried to increase the FSB a little bit but always getting a BSOD and sometimes the windows wont boot
Any advices for how to get more MHZ AND MORE performance ??
PS: I have ran prime95 and every thing is ok the temp is 43 for more than 13 mins
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  1. depent using for rendering 6core default better than 4core OC 3.5ghz .. and ran prime must over 3hours .. uhmm 4 hours will be good and more stable .. of course get BOSD when you raise FSB because your RAM 1333 not strong .. it's too hard raise FSB ... you need high ram with low latency or lossen timming at 10-10-10-28 :D .. good luck bro
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