Need help(Windows 32 issue) Take a look at this I wanted to try something like this and I did and nor for some reason my computer will not even boot to bios telling me what is connected and what not. I know I am going to get scolded for this but in one of the instructions it says to alter windows32 and I did and now it won't boot. How can I fix this ?
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  1. If you cant even get into the bios its not a windows issue (yet) You'll need to get the pc running again before you can determine if windows is working or not.

    And just for future reference, anytime you are going to make a change to the registry you need to back it up first. Regedit even has a built in function for that. From the regedit screen you click on file (up at the top left) and then Export. This way if your change doesnt work right you can easily recover.

    So now lets get back to the pc - what exactly happens when you turn the pc on?
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