Need advice for gpu CPU and mobo

Im looking for a
Gpu :
Motherboard :
Great for gamming around ($400-450)
Game : bf 3 , far cry 3 , sim city , etc
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  1. $400-500 for all three components? if so, then I would go with:

    CPU/Mobo combo: 2500k with Asrock z68 gen3

    this GPU: radeon 7870 from MSI

    With these, you should get close to maxing out all of your games.

    Things to consider are: which case do you have? and what is your PSU?
  2. I have corsair cx500 500w
  3. Is7870 better than 660?
  4. Stevenchiangs said:
    Is7870 better than 660?

    yes, an 7870 is definately better than a 660, it is more comparable to a 660ti. you can see the benchmarks for yourself:

    and Tom's ranks the 7870 higher in the latest hierarchy chart,3107-7.html

    as for your power supply, I think it should be ok
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