Upgrading gtx560-ti, budget 300€

Current system: i5-2500k @ 4.5ghz, 8gb ddr3 1600mhz, gtx560-ti

playing a lot of bf3 takes a good graphics card, i've been looking at both the 7950 card, and the nvidia choice, the 660-ti.. since i'm playing bf3 around 6-10 hours a day i need a better card- I would really like a reason why you think that is the "right" card i should pick.

I have around 300€ / 250£ / 2200 DKK as my budget (will have at the end of this month)..

I will probably overclock the card a bit aswell.

Please no fan-boy war, and don't suggest a card just because you own it yourself, please!

Thank you :)!
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  1. 7950 will blow a 660ti out of the water.
  2. So, is there a specific 7950? i really wanna overclock and tweak it a bit, but i still wan't a "cheap" card.
  3. Most of the 7950's overclock extremely well.
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