UK power cable with US PSU?

I live in the UK am I recently bought this PSU:

The problem is that it came with a power cable that doesn't fit UK sockets. If I use a UK cable with it, should it be okay?
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  1. You should be fine using a UK plug computer power cord into that PSU, it really won't care or even notice.
  2. Thank you :-) It does say near the cable socket 100-240v.

    I have another noob question. The PSU comes with an 8 pin cable for the CPU and what looks like two 4 pins ones. Can I use either for the CPU or are the latter cables for another purpose?
  3. The two 4pin connectors can be fitted to gether to make an 8pin. As long as the 8pin connector says EPS, ATX or CPU, you'll be fine using it for the 8 pin motherboard connector - if it says PCIe or PCI, you cannot. I just pulled up some pictures to verify and yes, the two 4pins can be used or the 8pin for the motherboard - the PCIe connectors (one 6pin and one 6+2pin) have yellow heatshrink and are modular
  4. Thank you again! :-)
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