Corsair vs NZXT (Cases)

I'm thinking about a build and was wondering what other people would prefer.
I was think about the corsair vengeance series or the Phantom by nzxt.
Thanks for your input :D
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  1. Can someone please give me some advice?
  2. I hear the phantom is awesome, but hold on ill research and give you my final opinion :) .. I wouldn't recommend zalman because they don't have enough space for wiring for the back and it would definitely piss you off haha so hold on :)!
  3. Okay from looking at the two cases I instantly recognized the phantom by nzxt, it is an awesome case with a lot of back room for wiring and many people have this case... Also here's a video on how to install components to that case, it also looks much more sleak and has a lot of room.

    here you go, hope I helped :)
  4. If you are looking at cases prices around $150, I highly recommend the Corsair 600 T. Well finished, no sharp edges, virtually toolless and easy to tinker in.

    I have built with Thermaltake, CM & LianLi (all nice cases) over the past two years but none touches the Corsair.
  5. I see will they all fit CF 7950's? and i kinda want one that will look awesome at a LAN party.
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