Should I get a Gaming Laptop now or wait until the new graphics card comes out?

I'll be going to college in a very soon and I saved enough money to buy a gaming laptop. The problem is that if I buy a gaming laptop now it might not play the next gen games in 4 years. I want to get a gaming laptop to play games even in the lowest settings that will last me for 4 years. So should I get a gaming laptop now or wait until a new GPU and CPU comes out?
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  1. Well you are basically going to run into the same problem over and over again. I you postpone until next you are going to ask the same question. Generally speaking, if you buy a laptop with a decently powerful GPU like the nVidia GT 650m, then 4 years later you should still be able to play some games at low quality graphics and low resolution.
  2. there isnt a lap top made that will last 4 years of gaming. and cover the next gen.. you will have to wait and see what gfx power the next gen consoles have befor you can say for sure that your lappy will last.
    think is by its very nature laptops dont last. there thin form factor means they clog up with dust very easily so tend to slow down after 6 months due to heat buildup.
    so while in theory if you bought something akin to a 3570 and a gtx 670 in a laptop form factor it should still be able to play games. but in reality it would likely be bouncing all over the place for fps due to thermal throttling cause by years of dust.
    if you want to do pc gaming for 4 years then get a mini itx fill it with decent hardware and because its so small it wont be such an issue when you move 2 and from collage/uni
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