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Hi Everyone. Im a gamer ( i think you have guessed it by now when i am posting on this forum section) . I have always loved gaming ,my whole life ,and i dont mean just some Call Of Duty ,but serious gaming DotA ,CS1.6 ,Skyrim, Morrowind, Oblivion, GTA 3 ,GTA:VC ,GTA :SA etc. I have consoles ,but i have always liked more the pc experience. The problems are first my pc is dated and the second problem is that im young , i am 14 years of age and i cant get a job. Plus i live in Estonia and that is a poor country. Im thinking of fully moving to pc gaming ,but my pc is very dated here are the specs. Please recommend what to upgrade first
SPECS: Intel Pentium E2180 2GHZ
2048 MB of DDR2 RAM AKA 2.048GB Of DDR2 Ram.
ATI READON HD 3400 Series GPU (I know that it is AMD Radeon today ,but the Graphics card was made before amd had bought it)
300GB of crappy Harddrive.
So what is my bottleneck and what to upgrade first. My budget is limited , i plan on upgrading my pc several years ,each year one part. The money i get in a year is roughly 190 Euros ,sometimes more ,sometimes less.
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  1. The problem is everything is a bootleneck ie you will not get much benefit from a new CPU without a new GPU. With 190 Euros based on UK prices (we have the same VAT rate) you could get the cheapest H61 motherboard 40euros a Celeron G550 35 euros Radeon 6670 50 euros 4Gb DDR3 RAM 35euros & a Recertified 250Gb SATA HDD 30Euros(if your old drives are SATA you can use them until you can get a better one) this comes to 190 euros. This is around the minimum you need to run most new games but its a good start. Otherwise check what CPUs your motherboard supports and look for the a core 2 quad on ebay or similar and a used Radeon 4870 or better.
  2. Thanks for the answer :D i know my CPU is a huge bottleneck and it is old and bad ,but yes wanted to do an upgrade ,thanks for the tips :D
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