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  1. Hi Guys,

    If what you want is the ability to skim large #s of headlines, organize lots of feeds, label them, tag articles for later reading in one fast unobtrusive "no magazine layout" reader, SwarmIQ is your choice.
    Sign up at , click on the Google reader icon to get all your feeds, and get up and running straight away.
    Disclosure: I'm on the team that built this site :-) Also, we don't have "Google Alerts" type functionality yet.
  2. There is a new RSS reader app available at Google Play and Amazon App Store (iPhone/iPad version is coming soon). Its name is erem app 

    You can import your Google Reader RSS Subscriptions into erem app to continue accessing your same feeds and to use erem app as your Google Reader alternative. Details are written on

    Currently, erem app supports 13 languages and presents RSS news sources from 28 countries.

    One interesting feature of erem app is you can define keywords (for politicians, celebrities, sport teams, etc.) and get notified when they appear in the RSS feeds you selected/entered.

    Disclaimer: I am a member of erem app team and we welcome your suggestions.
  3. Well the best alternative so far for me is eldonreader. I Don't get why it's not in the list!?!
  4. An what about to try
  5. you can also add the new to the list. It has a nice/similar UI.
  6. My favourite rss feed aggregator is
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