Bioshock Infinite steam key - $30

So I have a bunch of Crysis 3/Tomb Raider + Bioshock pc bundles but I also have single Bioshocks and Crysis 3s as well. Im only interested in PayPal - thanks very much!

Tomb Raider + Bioshock Infinite - $45 PayPal

Crysis 3 + Bioshock Infinite - $45 PayPal

Bioshock Infinite (steam key) - $30

Crysis 3 - $20

Bioshock Infinite steam gift (comes with XCOM, TF2 items and bonus DLC) -
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  1. Very interested in the Tomb Raider + Infinite combo since I already have Xcom etc offered on pre-order deals. Is it still available?
  2. I would like the Bioshock single key.
  3. im2beast16 said:
    I would like the Bioshock single key.

    sure just add me on steam my id is Tradio
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