i7 920 Overclocked Stress Test Run in Prime95

So I did the above, had the CPU clocked the 3.33 ghz and the Turbo V software raised the voltage to around 1.32 or somewhere in that area and I decided to turn it down to 1.22. No blue screen or anything, ran a couple games just fine. But I decided to do a stability test and checked AI Suite to monitor the voltage, temp, and fans and it said the CPU fan was at 0 RPM. Maybe I'm not doing something right, I'm not positive, but I stopped the stress test and restarted the system and the fan was shown as running just fine on all my hardware monitors. Is this normal or what?
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  1. It's not normal that your CPU fan stops, no. But it could have just been a error with the reporting or the pgm reading the speed. Did you look at the fan to see if it had indeed stopped?
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