DVI PC TO HDMI TV + Audio Cable Problem

I have been able to connect my PC (/w a GeForce GTX 660 ) To my old TV (JVC 42" 1080p LCD HDTV LT-42X688) with a DVI to HDMI cord and audio cables.

My new TV (LG 47CS570 47in 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV) doesnt seem to want to recognize the audio plugs after the hdmi is plugged in. It seems to be 2 different inputs as far as the menu goes ( i can switch to "hdmi 2" and see the video and i can switch to "AV2" and here the audio. Is there anyway to get both working together?
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  1. Are you using both TV's at the same time?

    Does your 660 not have an HDMI port?

    If so, have you tried using an HDMI Cable instead of DVI- HDMI?
  2. your video card likely supports sound out via dvi.

    in this case a dvi-to-hdmi cable should work fine for both audio and video.

    i have this exact setup with a gtx470 which is an older card. i've heard of issues with cheap hdmi-dvi cables but quality cables should be fine.

    disconnect the auxilliary audio cables as you should not need them unless of course your video card doesnt support sound out which i do not see why it would not.
  3. Audio will carry over HDMI, so you must have it set to HDMI on the TV. Go to your Nvidia control panel and check the digital audio settings.
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