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I'm getting the following when I try to bring up Photoshop 5 - "could not initialize photoshop because the file has been damaged by a disk error." Searched internet/this site and found no reference to this error (there were a few similarly-worded errors, all solved by hitting shift while activating the program; this didn't work w/ my problem). I'm not a techie pro (more of a prosumer, than an actual consumer), and I'm stumped.
System is otherwise stable and am not experiencing any issues (ran virus scan, etc).

Any advice would be appreciated (I make a living as a photographer, so this is rather urgent for me...)


Intel Core CPU 2700K @ 3.4Ghz
GPU(s) 3 X EVGA GTX 580s in triple SLI
MOBO Gigabyte Z68X-UD7-B3
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  1. Did you try uninstalling Photoshop, then re-installing it? That shouldn't be too much hassle with version 5.
  2. Fresh install of PS, make sure you save your settings etc.
    There is that small change you have a damaged cluster on your hard drive.
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