[GUIDE] Raspberry Pi 3g Internet Wifi Access Point (Optional script to sniff login details)

Wasn't sure where to put this, thought it might be of interest to someone in here :)

As a project, I set up my Raspberry Pi as a 3g internet Wireless AP to strip SSL from secure websites and harvest the login details.

I wanted to show how easy it would be for someone to set up wireless AP providing free internet, with the equipment hidden - maybe in a backpack - and sit in a public place grabbing login details without anyone suspecting a thing. In the future I would like to do this while running the Pi from a battery bank.

Guide to set up Raspberry Pi as a 3g Wireless AP

Tutorial on writing BASH script to harvest login details
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  1. Only a attack that works on people not paying attention. Most people know to look for the locked url bar when then are on sites they need secure communication with. You are also dependent on being able to override the power level a AP with something you have stuffed away running on battery.

    Still you would have to be a fool to even try it. Even if you got away with it everything would trace back to your 3g internet account. All major bank and such keep logs of everything for long periods of time. You also run the risk of some one like me detecting you doing it and immediately sending threats to the whitehouse or offer to sell some child porn. Good luck explaining "oh mr fbi agent i didn't send that I was just trying to steal someones password and a evil person did all that"
  2. Hi John - you're right, this would be stupid to do 'in the real world' - I used it as part of a presentation at work on wireless security.

    This isn't a man in the middle attack- you are the AP providing the internet access, so there is no need to overpower another AP. There is no need to ARP poison the network etc, as you are the legitimate gateway.

    I thought the Raspberry Pi as a 3g Wifi AP guide would have been of more interest here, the credential harvester I just tacked on because I had done it :)
  3. I guess if people want to use their toys to learn stuff. Why would anyone bother building their own 3g hotspot when you can get devices from the cell providers that do that or almost any modern cell phone can do it.

    Still only a large company can take the risk of providing open internet. You are always guilty until proven innocent when it comes to misuse of internet connections. This is a constant battle where I work of people wanting us to setup open internet. Most time we have to go to the level of telling them to buy the internet themselves and expense the charge back. We then give them a copy of one of the many cease and desist letter we have gotten from the RIAA and ask them how they would respond. The one letter legal normally lets them see is the one that was sent to a employee that set it up without telling anyone and then came begging legal to help him.
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