corsair cx500 or gs500 for ati hd 7770???????

which is a better psu for ati radeon hd 7770...corsair cx500 or gs500 and what is the difference between the two config is...

am3 asus motherboard
amd phenom x4 840
4 gbddr3 ram
1 tb Seagate hdd
21 inch Samsung monitor

I wanna play games like crysis 3 and bf3 with good settings hence any suggestions are welcome....
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  1. i suggest get corsair cxv2 430w as it is more more than enough for your config.
  2. I understand what your sating but I am planning for a future investment and in the future I might get a higher version card ...that's the reason I am thinking to buy a corsair 500 psu and it also fits my budget ...
  3. ok go with gs 500w as in india cxv500 is comes from taiwan.get gs500w
  4. and what will be the best graphic card for m config.....7750 or 7770....I am thinking ati radeon hd 7770....what say??
    because am a heavy gamer and want o play crysis 3 and bf3 kind of games on a good resolution plus I watch hd 720p movies as well...
  5. hd 7770 would be best upto 1440*900 resolution gaming
  6. thanks a lot I was almost about to buy the cx 500 tomorrow itself and I am thinking to upgrade my ram to a 8gb ram by next month coz ram wont fit my budget this month as these both things are really expensive for me
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