Looking for a Budget GPU GTX 650 vs 6670 GDDR5 or 7750 (525 watt PSU)

Gaming:World of Tanks, TF2 On at least medium settings with 30-50 fps
Resolution: Monitor 60 Hz refresh (samsung) 1920x1080 (not playing at this res)
Gaming Resolution: Highest resolution i can get with at least 30-50 fps
Resolution i will probably play on:1360x768 to 1600x 900

Hi i'm wondering where if i should get a MSI gtx 650 (80$ MIR) or Asus 6670 GDDR5 ($69 MIR) or 7750 or other recommendations anyone has to offer. I do not do heavy gaming or run games at 1920x1080. It would be nice if i can run it at that resolution with at least 30 fps. I would also like the GPU to be easily transferred to another computer as i am planning to get a new PC (or build one) in a couple of months. I also want it to be quiet and not as loud. My only concern is the price i am trying to get the most performance for a lower price equal or under $85. My pc is a dell t3400 workstation in BTX format so I want a smallish card.
I need neither my CPU or GPU with be bottle necked by each other

Computer Specs (2008ish):
CPU: Core 2 Duo E8500 Dual core 3.16 ghz
Current GPU: NVS 290 (business gpu dual monitor although im using single monitor)
PSU:525 watts +5V=22.0 Amps/+12VA= 18.0 Amps/+12VB= 18.0 amps/ +12VC= 18.0 Amps/-12V= 1.0 amps/ +3.3V= 17.0 amps/ +5VFP= 4.0 A
Available PCI slots
Im pretty sure i have two (blue) PCI-E 2.0 x 16 slots
Available Power Connectors:
IDK but i have pictures of available connectors so if u can please identify if they are for GPU's
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  1. best gpu for is hd 7770.anything less than this will struggle at your resoltion.
  2. No i am not playing at 1920x1080 as i know my CPU will not be able to handle it my playing resoltuion i will probably choose is 1360x768 to 1600x900
  3. play at 1600*900 and take hd 7770 @110$
  4. Your CPU will handle 1920x1080 just fine. I have a old P-35 with and E8400 dual core that works great at 1920x1080. Your PSU and your connectors are fine for any card using 6 (not 8) pin PCIe connectors. Your only limitation is your budget. Take the other people's advice and get the HD 7770. Too bad you can't afford an 7850. That card would play almost anything at 1920x1080 at good frame rates.
  5. Thanks i will probably go with the 7750-7770 (prob the 7770) or a gtx 650- 650 Ti
  6. My PNY GTX 650 runs AC3 and Oblivian at 55-60fps, as well as everything else on my desktop - all at 1920x1080 on high settings with no problem (H77 m/b - 8Gb ram - i3570K -Samsung SA350 monitor)
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