[£350-£400 MAX] 24"/27" Monitor for a graphic designer.


I own a Macbook Air 11.6" and as you can probably tell this screen is just too small to even play around with drawing on my tablet/doing any graphical work at all for College and other things.

So here I come to ask you - what monitor would you recommend for me ?

Now just to clarify, I was looking for something decent in that price and the only good monitor I was able to find was Asus PA248Q (24.1", 1920*1200, IPS, Pre-Calibrated)

Now I would ideally like to get something 2560×1440 at 27" but I'm not so sure if I can even hope for that in that price range (For example Apple's TB Display is just silly for its price lol) or something nice at 24".

So thanks in advance and I hope that you will be able to help me!
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  1. I don't have a particular suggestion but 16:10 makes a world of a difference!
  2. People have complained about this Hazro display so I wont even think about getting one (Overall quality sucks, backlighting problems)
    What about LG29EA93-P?
    21:9 aspect ratio, IPS panel, 2560:1440, 29" ?
    Or any other monitors ?
    I think I will pick this one up for £400.
    I know its probably not designed with the criteria i mentioned in mind but moving from cheap analogue TN LCD to that IPS will be probably more than enough.
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