Razer Carcharias constant buzzing noise

I recently brought a new razer charcarias and have been impressed with it apart from the constant buzzing noise it puts out. It is very frustrating as I have tried every USB port on my pc and put the audio jack in the front and back of my pc so I know it is not the connection. The buzzing doesn't just happen when I turn the volume up either its always there. If anyone could let me know of a possible solution it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. do you have the buzzing noise with your PC speakers? if not, return the headphones as they are defective
  2. To me, I found the buzzing noise problem was due to my fans on my laptop. If i plug in an external fan on the same side where my headset's usb or 3.5 mm jack are in, then i will hear the buzzing, but when i unplug it, its gone. It might be because your fans rotation might cause it to make those noises but I cant really be sure because you have the noises on your PC. Another note that I would like to make, the buzzing happens at the same volume no matter what volume i put it on. You might have a defective product so you should return if you can. If you cannot, i either hope you can solve the problem on your own or decide to buy a different brand you can trust
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