Will a sound card fix my problem?

I just recently bought a new headset(Razer Carcharias Xbox/PC). Upon using my brand new headset I noticed it was picking up electrical interference of my computer doing things; Moving mouse, scrolling up and down, keyboard typing, opening browser etc.. I spent 2-3 days trying everything I could think of and researched what people have done to fix it. I've only gone as far as buying a new PSU(I needed a new one anyway). The headset uses USB connector along with the 3.5mm mic and headphone jack and needs the USB in order to work. I've tried the headset on my mothers laptop and I get no feedback at all so its not the headset. I get the feedback as soon as I plug the USB part in even when the mic and headphone isn't.

Will a sound card fix this problem even though my headset needs the USB plugged in to work and if not will I just need to get a non USB headset?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Have you tried connecting through the back of the computer and do you get the same results there?
    Do you have a graphics card installed?
    What motherboard (or system make and model if pre-built)?
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