No display with new graphics card.

Hello everyone, new member here.

I am posting because I have run into a bit of a snafu with a graphics card upgrade. Figured I see if anyone here has any ideas or insights because I am stumped.

I just purchased a new XFX Radeon HD 7870 to and Thermaltake TR2 700W PSU for my aging rig.

Here are the current computer specs:
CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9600 BE @ 2.3 GHz
RAM: 6 GB DDR 2 1800 MHz
GPU: XFX Radeon HD 7870 - (NEW)
MOBO: Jetway HA06
PSU: Thermaltake 700W TR2 -(NEW)
HD 1: 320 GB - System Drive
HD 2: 1.5TB WD Caviar Black
OS: Windows 7 64 bit.

I know the 7870 is way more than this computer needs. I am between jobs at the moment. As soon as that situation improves I will be building a new computer and the 7870 is going in it. I just needed something to get me by since my old radeon 4550 was starting to choke pretty hard.

One other note is I technically have 3 GPUs here.

The new Radeon 7870
My old Radeon 4550
The mother board has an integrated GPU.

So the problem I am having is when I install the 7870 I can't get the display to work. The computer will boot to windows (I can hear the welcome chime over my headphones) but the monitor stays in power save mode. It detects that it is plugged in but does not register a signal.

The interesting thing is I did get it to work for a day after fussing with it a bit. It was great. But the next day when I turned the machine on, it was back to the blank screen. I have managed to get it to work a few times since then but only for one boot or so. Oddly it seems to work sometimes after I disconnect the the SATA cable to my system drive. I will then get the boot/post screen until an error message comes up saying the system can't find its boot disk. When I plug the system disk back in and reboot the machine sometimes the 7870 works but most of the time it doesn't. This was how I got it to work for the first day. I thought this might be an IRQ conflict but I have not been able to resolve it through the BIOS.

I have tried everything I can think of. Disabling the integrated graphics, changing bios settings, re-installing drivers, swapping PCIE slots, etc etc. I called XFX and all they did was blame the mobo manufacturer (Jetway). I called them and I was surprised their tech support was able to tie his own shoes let alone troubleshoot hardware issues.

I can't update my bios because Jetway'w updates don't support 64 bit windows.

Also when I went into the BIOS and disabled the integrated GPU on the mobo, and then booted with the 7870 hooked up I got an "angry" beep during the initial bios post.

I have been trying to troubleshoot this on another forum with no luck. Here is the link to my original post there.

And the link to my mobo

Any thoughts or clues on this? Am I missing something obvious? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. It would appear that the card is defective. Especially since the system works fine with the old card.
  2. I wondered that at first too, but I have never seen a video card fail intermittently. In my experience they work until they fail completely. Plus I have been able to get it to work several times and each time it seems to directly correspond to when I unplug the hard drive. To me it sounds more like a driver/bios/setting conflict but I could be wrong.

    Before I RMA it, is there anything else I can try?
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