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I was given a laptop owned by an Estonian language speaker. He of course had his language as the default on it. I do not speak this language and have had trouble trying to convert the applications to English. In particular, Word is a problem. I know how to do it, but the specific problem is that the Estonian version of Word is not exactly the same when it comes to the menu options at the top of the screen. And in order to convert to English I have to read the Estonian menus.
I need somehow to know what the Estonian menus are that will allow me to change the default language to English. Cannot find anyone here to do this.
Any suggestions?
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  1. phil22 said:

    Thanks for the link, seems to be exactly what I need.
    I downloaded the Add-in and installed it. I was able to "select the language that defines behavior in Office applications." to English.

    But I cannot "select the language Office uses in elements such as menus and dialogs" nor can I "select the language Office uses in the Help system" because both of these are greyed out, with the language still Estonian. Why is this I wonder. Why can I change one, but not the other two. If I cannot read the menus in Word and other Office applications, I cannot use these applications.

    Yes I am running XP as admin, and yes I restarted the PC after the change I was able to make.

    Please advise if you have any further suggestions!
  2. The programs were probably installed from the localized version. You'd have to uninstall and install the English versions in that case.
  3. hang-the-9: thanks for the reply. Yes the Office programs were installed likely in Estonia. However, the point of the link that phil22 gave me was to be able to change the language of the software.
    If I uninstall the Estonian version, and I do not have the original installation CDs, how will I be able to install the English version?
    If I knew the licence key then maybe I could do it, unless I cannot use the licence key for a different language of the program.
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